02 January 2006

Energy Free Energy

For those of you in the Midwest and Northern part of America, it is already promising to be a frigid winter. With the rising costs of energy this year due to natural disasters (and, of course, gouging) you might be looking for ways to save. I don't blame you. And your government is certainly not going to help you. If not for Venezuela, the low-income populations in many major cities would probably be falling in droves due to frostbite. Here's one thing we do:

We have a wee washing machine in our wee cottage but not a dryer. Considering that we need to do a wash about every other day, and considering that it has been rainy here for the past week, it has been pretty crowded while the clothes dry on a rack in the house. However, the other day the sun came back out, and we rushed to do all of our laundry. Hanging clothes out on the line is really common here, but the practice seems to be fading in America. We hung stuff out in the morning sun, and our clothes were nearly dry in about 15 minutes. It's amazing! What a tremendous energy source! Why in the hell are we not universally harnessing this free, clean, seemingly endless supply of energy? Enron? GE? Con Ed? Unocal? BP? ExxonMobil? What say you? “Shh. No $$$$S.” (Oh, I forgot.)


pjs said...

You are still probably washing too often with too much water. Only 1 in 6 people in the world has a reliable supply of safe potable water, and you use your to wash clothes? Shame.

But seriously, thanks for thinking. Only 1 in 6 people does that. :-)

Rebel Pleb said...

You're right. I'm sure we use too much water. We're searching for better options. CS has suggested saving up his urine for the task, but I suspect that's just because he wants to drink it.

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