17 April 2006

Kelli Smiling

(photo courtesy Garrett Oie)

Two months ago my friend Kelli Auletta died of cancer. She was 38. She was a caring, effusive, warm, and welcoming woman who befriended nearly everyone she met. She had hundreds, even thousands of friends and acquaintances, yet she made you feel like you were the only one. She liked to live life to the fullest and fortunately, she had the ability and opportunity to do so. For the fifteen years I knew her, she was always present with care and support for me through all circumstances. I can only hope she felt the same from me.

She fought her condition to the end and left with the same stubbornness, tenacity, and sense of humor with which she lived. Many referred to her as “The Social Director.” As she brought endless numbers of people together in life, so she did in her death. She will be terribly missed, having gone far too soon.

Though the circumstances surrounding the loss of someone so young to a “disease” so epidemic are rife for comment, I find no comfort or security in trying to look for understanding or reason where there is none. For now I just want to say I love you, miss you and will think of you often, my friend.

Ciao, bella!

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