23 January 2006

Big Foot

I feel I have a moral obligation to leave as little of a footprint on this earth as possible. Though I still use far too many energy sources for far too many gadgets, I have made a concerted effort to cut back over the past dozen years or more, and continually strive to do better. My personal commitment is far from perfect and far from over. This is the only way I can live with myself. I am not a fascist, socialist, communist, or idealist. I am a realist. Life on earth is struggling to survive (for billions of related reasons that can only be covered in many subsequent writings), and since it is quite likely that it’s lifespan may be shortening at a more alarming rate than any of us had imagined, the least I can do is help to extend it’s life expectancy.

To that end, I have only been in a motor vehicle once in the past month and a half. I have been spending all of my time on foot.

Walking is a fine way to get around when you can. Zero-emission, environmentally friendly. Free; no money spent on gasoline/petrol. Side benefits include free workout (saving money on gym memberships), and free psychotherapy (via long thoughts and communing with nature).

I did as much of this as I could when living in D.C. and LA. too, but because of the fewer number of and smaller cars here, New Zealand tends to be a more hospitable pedestrian environment. And being a pedestrian, I tend to be more hospitable to the environment.

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