15 April 2015

In Solidarity - Fight for $15

Low-wage workers cannot make a living - not even close - on their paltry wages. Taxpayers subsidize the economic profits of wealthy multinational corporations by helping these workers to survive via public assistance (which is increasingly being cut in order to send tax dollars instead to the coffers of the already rich). Even $15 an hour will still keep most workers in poverty, but it is a start toward the $22 or more per hour that every working American deserves to live a comfortable and dignified life.

Low-wage workers include those in service professions, at fast-food establishments, big-box stores, and department stores (i.e., most if not all, corporate establishments). They include restaurant workers, teachers at for-profit educational organizations, elderly care workers, disabled care workers, and adjunct professors. Basically, low-wage workers are among some of the most important and ubiquitous laborers in our midst. They - we - deserve so much better. It is criminal and immoral for multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires to continue to profit - and continually expand their profits - at the expense of the poor and of all taxpaying citizens.

The Game Never Named, the Addendum Never Spoken

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