05 January 2006

Bizarro Robin Hood

The wealthy and the government are at it again, stealing from the poor to give to the rich. As if they don't already do that every year with a thing known as income taxes.

I won't go into the fact that every single human in every industrialized nation, including you and I, owes all that we have to the detriment of others around the world. Yes, we are all guilty by virtue of our collusion with the system (and all of its components) in which we choose to live. But I will have to go into that further at another time with more proof, since it takes mounds of evidence for us all to face clear and common sense facts. We are not absolved because we donate to charity.

Ours is a world where the rich are quenched by the sweat of the poor, confined to slave labor, jail, or death.

Maybe we should start reading to our kids from the Book of Bizarro Fairy Tales, beginning with a story of Bizarro Robin Hood. Perhaps that might prepare them for the real world.

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