18 August 2010

Thank god!

Courtesy of Despair, Inc.

 What a world!

Isn't it great that we can choose to live our lives in any way we want and it does not have any effects on other people or other species?

Isn't it fantastic that we are in no way responsible for harm to others unless we intend it and/or actually directly touch them?

Aren't you glad that some of us are predestined to live in reprehensible extravagance while others are meant to spend their short time on earth in utter abject misery?

Isn't it great that there is really nothing we can do about it, because some really important, smart, hard-working people just deserve fifty million times more resources than they need (and they have a guy in the sky to prove to you it's true!)? The people who don't have so much? They are all just lazy louses, who happen to be a little darker in hue (probably terrorists). Someone up there does not like them very much.

Isn't is wonderful that we can mechanically alter other species now, as well as pack them into tiny little spaces and fatten them up so fast so we can get them to our dinner tables in record time? Yum, yum! I feel healthier than ever!

And aren't you psyched that we (or our slaves ... but we don't call them that anymore! This is 2010!) can extract every single element on the planet to engineer into machinery that ever-increases our expediency and our ADD and our planetary temperature? Not to mention that we can just consume and expend and discard at our leisure - no ill effects on ecosystem or human health whatsoever! Waste just disappears, ecosystems do not matter, and everything else is determined by our genes, don't you know?!?

Phew. I am so glad that I can just go on with my life. I deserve it! Thank god!

And Thank god global warming is a hoax!!

14 August 2010

Lies Our Corportations (i.e., Governments) Tell Us

The toxic dispersants used by BP to cover-up their criminal catastrophe in the Gulf are banned in Great Britain. As if crude oil is not toxic enough, the dispersants "Corexit 9500" and "Corexit 9527" are know to cause tremendous harm in all vertebrates - including humans.

Crime of the Century

Crime of the Century Part II

The Gulf Oil disaster is not over; it will continue for eons. Placating the positivist masses and protecting oil corporations does not change the facts. It does not save the thousands of sea turtles, dolphins, whales, birds, fish, and HUMANS who will suffer from lingering illnesses and syndromes, resulting in premature and preventable deaths in the near future.

The Pharmaceutical Medical Industrial Complex

The Game Never Named, the Addendum Never Spoken

Remember that silly game we used to play with fortune cookies from Chinese restaurants? Maybe people still play it. It’s the one where...