12 September 2009

The Racists Are At It Again

Tens of thousands, nay, hundreds of thousands of people -"a cross section” of America, said NBC - protested against their best interests and for the interests of the multi-trillion dollar “health” insurance, medical, and pharmaceutical industries today.

Besides the fact that this event speaks to the profound infiltration of the inaccurate and fallacious mainstream corporate media messages into the highly impressionable psyche of Americans, it speaks to the fact that many (perhaps most?) white Americans are simply racist.

People are and have been losing their homes, going bankrupt, and dying because of inadequate health insurance and rejected claims for service for which they paid for decades, while industry insiders (including insurance employees, pharmaceutical employees, and even doctors) have raked in the dough.

We just rid ourselves of a President and Vice-President who lied about erroneous links between Al Qaeda and Iraq, who lied about torture, who committed war crimes against the Geneva conventions, who put us trillions of dollars in debt to launch and maintain two needless wars, yet during their reign, they were not even called to account for their multitude of criminal behaviors.

Now … now that the man occupying the White House is BLACK, people are out in the streets because they are afraid of the government spending money on medical care for all Americans?

Of course, Medicare-for-all, i.e., a single-payer government sponsored medical care system would save the government and all of us BILLIONS of dollars in wasteful bureaucratic spending. This system is actually the most fiscally conservative of all medical care options. And neither the Republicans nor the Democrats (save for the progressive caucus and a select few others) have the intellect, the compassion, the sense, nor the gonads to support such a simple, sensible, humanitarian plan.

The absurdity and insanity of it all is too sad to even laugh at.

But what we see at this inane D.C. protest today - and by the way, the President that you all so hate was not even in D.C. today, you brilliant wunderkinds – is not about medical care. It is not about government spending.

Where were you when the Bush administration lost - yes LOST - 9 Billion dollars that was airlifted to Baghdad and just went “missing”?????????

This display is all about racism, plain and simple.

These people are too selfish, stupid, and racist to be given any consideration whatsoever.

The fact that these protesters are given any credence at all demonstrates how selfish, stupid, and racist the rest of America is too.

(photo courtesy indybay.org)

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