26 November 2014

Ignorance, Injustice, Indignity - In Ferguson, In America

White male newscaster interviews white male cop who killed a black male. White male newscaster does not pose any difficult questions, though claims he does, and simply lets white male killer cop speak his publicist-prepared nonsense. White male killer cop dresses up in proper white-collar white male uniform of blue dress shirt and slacks to appeal to the fearful white audience. This is called media propaganda and it runs rampant in American news.

The George Stephanopoulos interview of Darren Wilson only revealed one of two things: either Wilson is a moronic racist with huge ego issues or, if his words are to be believed at face value, he is a moronic incompetent cop who should be relieved of his duties immediately because he has no clue how to handle any simple situation without murdering someone. Either way, this man shows no shame, no guilt, and no remorse for having killed another person in what should have amounted to a non-incident, so he fails as a human being. The likely explanation for Wilson's actions in this increasingly ignorant, unjust, and immoral society is that Wilson is a racist who has no qualms killing a black man - probably even feels good about it. In fact, he has a "clean" (sic) conscience, which of course, is what one tends to have when one lacks a conscience altogether.

There is so much more to be said about this devastating and devastatingly common incident in America, but better to let those suffering the injustice and indignity first hand speak:

From Robin B.G. Kelly: Why We Won't Wait

Full report from Ferguson:

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