30 November 2013

Damn consumerism

As a youth, I was certainly guilty of being interested in shopping and in searching for bargains. Even as a concerned person who cared about the welfare of others, I was also still a teenager, in somewhat typical fashion.

That was a long time ago. It is utterly unbelievable that adults do not see the moral folly of materialism, consumerism, and capitalism. We cannot possibly battle the ecological and sociological crises of our world until we all do.


Rich Oxman said...

Spot on. I humbly and respectfully request that someone associated with this blog contact me at 831-661-0406 (at any hour) in California. Readers are welcome also. I have a "plan for action" which will help people to self-educate AND ACT in solidarity along new lines. It carries the imprimatur of the late Howard Zinn. My email is aptosnews@gmail.com in California.

Thomas Prentice said...

The essay submission to the Bradley Foundation was the single most superb reading I have experienced in years. It is ALL IN ONE ESSAY!

All true, it made me LOL all the way through: Not only did it make the Bradley judges 'heads swivel and steam come out of their ears and eyes roll and pop out of their sockets, I can fucking see them doing the "Daylight Come and I Wanna Go Home" thing from BeetleJuice!

I would add a line on your vita ;)

When I posted from CP to my blog DemocracyWeb.com, I said we ALL could find every single stupid little award prize contest in the fascist right wing corporatist capitalist foundation and think tank universe and REALLY SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER!

Inspired. Just Inspired.

Yes, and since when has mutiliation become prevention. Maybe it ought to be added to Orwell's list?

Thom Prentice

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