03 March 2011

Locked Out - Day 18 Madison, WI

The public has been illegally locked out of he capitol building since Monday morning. Peaceful protesters left early Monday, thinking they would re-enter the capitol after going to work, fulfilling obligations and responsibilities, and resting. They returned to find that unlawful, arbitrary policies had been imposed by the Department of Administration, under Gov. Walker's direction, to keep people out of the building. Regardless, dozens are adhering to the archaic policies and maintaining a small vigil in the rotunda, while hundreds, if not thousands return daily to continue the marches and rallies outside the capitol, opposing the cruel and unnecessary austerity measures proposed by this governor.

Here's a look at the recent conditions:

Wisconsin State Capitol Budget Repair Bill Protest March 1st from Michael Kienitz on Vimeo.

(Video courtesy Michael Kienitz)

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