08 November 2009

Gone Too Soon

My friend would have turned 42 yesterday. Instead, she passed away before her 39th birthday. It was not inevitable.

I am supposed to turn this situation into something positive.

I am supposed to be happy for the joy she brought to so many people's lives, to believe she is looking down upon all of us and smiling, to know she is in a better place and at peace.

What I know is that her life was taken too soon.

Not because of some inherited genetic deficiency, but because of cultural negligence and complacency.

I am befuddled at a society that refuses to ackowledge and address the obvious causes of such an epidemic while so many of our friends and family members perish.

(Though here, I speak of cancer ...  you can substitute what you will, and it will still likely fit... )

We are the architects of our own doom.

Will we ever learn?

How many others will be lost prematurely?

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